GODZILLA review!

Hello Movie going people! Last night I managed to catch the new GODZILLA film opening night which I was super excited about and for the first time in a long time I have managed to get a review done nice and early.

So here it is!

I really can’t stress how much I did enjoy this movie! I do actually feel guilty that so far I haven’t seen a film this year I haven’t enjoyed or haven’t given a positive rating. Although with Legend of Hercules I feel that could change soon. Any way, I can’t say this film is perfect, there are flaws.

Some would say that the positive out weights the flaws for me though it is a case that the negatives really don’t need to be given a second thought. Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s emotionless character for me isn’t really a problem I could get behind it, I did think certain situations were convenient. He probably would disagree, but it had to happen like that. Brian Cranston isn’t in the film as long as you may expect and the fights between the monsters for teased for a lot longer than you may expect which in some respects means GODZILLA doesn’t get as much screen time as people may like. For me this isn’t a problem at all and the build up makes the pay off of the big fight even bigger.

The fights, the scenery, in fact every aspect of this film is beautiful, so even if what I mention are problems for you, then the positives will out weight them all.

It is a really well written grounded film that is realistic in showing the disaster aspect of a monster movie.

Make sure that you go see this film, it should be seen on the big screen and if you aren’t sold you get to see the new trailer for Interstellar on the big screen.

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