Power Ranger Reboot

Hello movie fans!

I am late to the party on this one and that saddens me because this is something that is very close to my heart but between uni and other news/reviews I put this off. I also wanted to not rush it, as I say I have a lot to say on this and while I might not say it all now, I want to give it some serious thought.

As a 90’s kid this image for me more excited and active then the energiser bunny! Image

I guess it still does to be honest.

OK so first off, being a big follower of AMC movie news (which I recommend to anyone) I have heard a fair few reasons as why this wouldn’t happen. John Campea, while saying it could happen as nothing can be ruled out in Hollywood, but he didn’t see a power ranger movie happening. Reasons for that, and although wrong were justified and still give reason to worry about how successful this will be. The first movie only made 66 million world wide and the next movie Turbo (which in my opinion wasn’t great) only made 9, showing a huge drop off.

However I feel there is reason to be optimistic. The first movie was very good, (turbo was meh) but it came out when it’s fan base was I would say smaller and also probably reliant on parents taking them to see it. I was like 4 when it came out and had to wait for it on VHS, so I can understand why maybe the box office figures aren’t huge. But this franchise is now 20/21 years old, the original fans are grown up and there is a huge sense of nostalgia surrounding this property. People with real fond memories of this series. Add in that for 20 years there has continuously been a series airing (might be a gap between the show going from Disney back to Saban and airing on Nickelodeon). Which means the fan base has only grown. So if this is given a pg-13 rating, it could get an audience ranging from fans who watch the current series up to 20-30 year olds who grew up on the originals. That could have some power and weight to it.

Then if the marketing is done right, trailers look good and generally there is some care over the film you could get regular movie goers coming to see it. This I don’t see too much as a stretch, Saban have teamed with Lionsgate, and they have handled properties of a similar nature of being teen action films, looking no further than the Hunger Games. So they have experience at handling successful films aimed at that market and if they aim to do the same, maybe we could see a birth of a new film franchise.


Not exactly my brief thoughts but this is my initial reaction to the news. I will actually follow this up more on my ideas on how to take the film and just generally discuss it further.

If you have any opinions, please comment and let me know what you think and don’t forget you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter.



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